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  2. i can't edit the post lol 😞
  3. presets can be used to speed up skilling, pvming etc. 1) From the quest tab click the red icon in the middle 2) click "Update Preset" on the new window that pops, either click "update preset inventory and equipment" or the other two options 3) activate a preset by clicking one of the 8 presets you have saved and clicking the "Activate preset" then finally hitting GIF EXAMPLE:
  4. pls delete -_-
  5. Level Requirements: 50 firemaking (for wintertodt) Items: Tinderbox (for wintertodt) Thor > skilling LOCATION: [spoiler][/spoiler] Saw Stonemason Hammer Thor > Skilling oak planks Stonemason mahogany planks Stonemason
  6. North west of home is a portal that will give you access to all locations around the map, North east of spawn will be a jewellery box that will give you some useful teleports. *NOTE* some places you can't get to as of right now such as fishing guild using the jewellery box, but by using the portal you can.
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